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“Photographer holds images hostage !”

When clients ask why I don’t deliver unretouched RAW files,  without getting into a long diatribe listing the many reasons why I retain all files and only deliver client selected retouched versions, the simplest answer seems to be “quality control”.

I can completely understand why clients may feel as though the images they paid good money for are being held hostage.  I empathize with the stress a designer may feel when the client wants an ad out the door ASAP and you can’t get in touch with the photographer.  I can also relate to the desire for any party to wipe their hands clean and to not feel chained and reliant on a photographer to accomplish their goals.  My business practice of retaining control of the images is not an evil plot to make others lives miserable, on the contrary, it is to ensure that you look good and the client is well served.  Once I let an image out free into the world, I no longer have control, but unfortunately am the first to blame when it doesn’t look good, so yes, there is a selfish element here.  My work and business are  judged on the image and I need to do everything possible to control it’s quality.  Fortunately for the client, what best serves my business and reputation serves them as well.

While I am sure to have more blogs on this subject as well as on the value of retouching and the time involved in doing so, perhaps for now, a before and after picture from a shoot when weather was not cooperating, may in fact best illustrate why I prefer to control the final outcome of the image.