Canoe Trip in Swamp

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New Category Launch

This is a category that will encourage me to produce fresh content on a consistent basis, share recent work and projects, or dig into the archives and find images that may have been overlooked or just forgotten.

It is truly amazing how many images we create as photographers, never to see the light of day.  Only a tiny fraction make the cut to be published, used in the marketplace, or even grace my monitor for more than a second.  If the most recent re-release of the infamous 1972  “Exile on Main Street”  album, by the Rolling Stones, isn’t a testament to the gems that may be buried in the archives, I don’t know what is.  Not that I could ever compare myself or work to that of the Stones, but if songs like “Plundered My Soul”, which has quickly become in my top ten list of all songs, could somehow be passed over and missed by the band and producers, surely, there are a couple images in my archive ready to get a second look.

There will be no rhyme or reason to this category.  It will  simply serve as a place where I can upload an image on a consistent basis that does not need to fit into a category, illustrate a story, or be approved by an art director or editor.  It can stand on its own for what it is.  Here begins a personal test of my commitment to posting work on a consistent basis.

Charlotte Airport